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Our unique geothermal aquifer destined us to be the preferred location for “taking the waters”—and no doubt the drinking of wine and spirits. Hot springs, wines, sun, peaceful nights–the perfect recipe for renewal. You’ll feel pampered and rested—and we know you’ll feel welcome, too!

Now You Know

  • The Wappo Indians (from the Spanish “guapo” for handsome) were the original residents of the Napa Valley and branch of the Pomo Indians.
  • Sam Brannan, the first millionaire of California, opened the original Calistoga Hot Springs Resort in 1862. It is now the Indian Springs Resort located on Lincoln Ave.
  • Writer Robert Louis Stevenson, honeymooned in Calistoga and stayed to pen “The Silverado Squatters” about Calistoga and environs.
  • The first bottling of Calistoga Water occurred in 1924 by a soda fountain and candy store owner in Calistoga.
  • The oldest wineries in the region are Charles Krug (1861), Schramsberg (1862), Beringer (1876) and Inglenook (1879).
  • Most widely planted wine varietal in Napa Valley is Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • The area size of Calistoga is only 2.6 square miles.
  • Calistoga has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, rainy winters.
  • Average annual rainfall in Calistoga is approximately 40 inches.
  • Population growth in Calistoga is fairly slow. According to census, 1990 population equaled 4,572 and in 2015 it only rose to 5,311.
  • The most famous person from Calistoga is Dick Vermeil, former NFL coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, St Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga erupts every 30-40 minutes and is one of only two “faithful” geysers in the United States.
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We know the unplanned visit, the surprise “find” may become your favorite place, so always consider some options beyond the obvious choices.  We’re known for our natural geothermal waters and wonderful wines.  But in addition to these must-dos and the dining and personal pampering that are the logical offshoots, there are more places to explore.  Some take you outdoors, or back in time, or guide you to lesser known places.  From taking a local art class, discovering our unique geology, learning about really local small wineries or our town’s charming history, we encourage you to take a look at some of the links below.

Sharpsteen Museum

Calistoga Art Center

Calistoga Chamber of Commerce

Old Faithful Geyser of Calilfornia

  Calistoga AVA Wineries

Diamond Mountain AVA Wineries

Oat Hill Mine Road Trail

Petrified Forest

We hope to keep you informed of some local events, often benefits for non-profits, that are fun, not crazy expensive and are a great way to mix it up with the locals. You’ll feel good, too.
To twist a phrase, let’s “party it forward.”