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New Year, New Website!

Hydro Grill, located in Calistoga, CA is celebrating 2018 with a new website. View our menus to see what we’re all about, but do take the time to simply stop by when in town.  We want to provide you with delicious, affordable food and round out the experience with a drink from the best bar selection in town!

We believe ideas abound in everyone.  When we put our heads and hearts into refining them, the result should be a great experience for our guests.  We aim for a varied menu of dishes meant to enhance our beverage selection and the seasons.  And we try to accomplish this with your pocketbook in mind. We want to present you with an assortment of simple to hearty foods, some rich, some light, straightforward to complex, just as long as they’re flavorful–and mostly good for us, too!

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    28 Jan, 2018


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